Accident Reconstruction Professional
for 64-bit Windows 11, 10, 8/8.1

AR Professional 17
AR Pro in Toolbar Mode
AR Pro's Project Manager
AR Pro's Time Log
New! See the photos associated with your project!
AR Pro's Options window
High DPI enhanced Visual Styles
AR Pro's Formula Search
the built-in Calculator
and built-in Calendar
You know you want to! Only $229 a year and ALL updates/upgrades are included!
A typical formula, Inputs page
A typical formula, Results page
A typical formula, Formula(s) page
A typical formula, NOTES page
A typical formula, Monte Carlo Analysis page
All formulas and most other windows have built-in Spell Check
as well as access to the built-in Thesaurus
and the Notes section of formulas has its own right-click menu
and of course a beautiful and very functional Print Preview for your work
Only $229 a year and ALL updates/upgrades are included while subscribed!
and to make those beautiful reports you need a place to set them up
and to make those beautiful reports you need a place to set them up
Did I mention AR Pro has 2 built-in Veh Specs databases?
and there's even a window list to help you find what you're looking for when things are crowded.
Dirigo Software, your AR software store!
Less than a Premium Netflix subscription and the end of upgrade fees!

Celebrating 30 years on the market!

Accident Reconstruction Professional (AR Pro)

Our modern, ultra high quality Accident Reconstruction formula program that the NHTSA Crash Investigation team uses in their investigations.

NEW: AR Pro now has 144 formulas with a Monte Carlo Analysis built in and is available in a yearly subscription for only $229 a year (which is less than $0.63 a day [and considerably less than a Premium Netflix subscription] for all this functionality, and even less per-license when you utilize volume pricing)!

AR Pro will assist a trained Accident Reconstructionist to reconstruct an accident / crash / collision with the use of mathematical formulas and calculations, including recorded EDR/CDR data, acceleration and drag factors and rates, bicycle, distance, energy, momentum, motorcycle, pedestrian, trigonometry, speed, time, heavy truck, and many other categories and problem specific formulas, for virtually any collision involving motor vehicles and automobiles such as a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, bus, motor home, big rig, trailer, etc., with eye-popping, court-ready documentation of the reconstruction with our world-class reports.

This software is OUTSTANDING for helping you to study and prepare to pass your ACTAR test.

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