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Competitive Upgrade License

What is a competitive upgrade license?

A competitive upgrade license is where you pay to upgrade your software but also change the software that you are using. For example; you want to change the antivirus software that you use on your network but are reluctant to do so as you have an existing license agreement and you want to avoid hefty new license fees.

This is where a competitive license comes in rather than having to cancel your existing license, losing any money that you may have paid out for it and then having to pay the full cost of a brand new piece of software you can pay to upgrade to the new software. It works in a similar way to when you pay to upgrade an existing installation except that instead of upgrading your existing software you upgrade to something completely different.

Who qualifies for competitive upgrade licenses of AR Pro or SingleSaver?

To qualify for the competitive upgrade license:

If you are interested in purchasing the current version of AR Pro through the competitive upgrade offer please forward your receipt from the competitor along with how many licenses you desire and we will take a look at your eligibility. Submit receipt


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