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 Activating/Extending AR Pro





To activate AR Pro, you must have already paid for the program.


To activate a program that is in "FULLY FUNCTIONAL DEMO" or "evaluation" mode please press the "Activate!" button in the lower left-hand of the startup screen.  


To extend the current activation for an additional year please first select "Extend license" then please press the "Activate!" button in the lower left-hand of the startup screen.  




That button will take you to the Product Activation page of our web site.   If this computer cannot connect to the internet, you will need to do the online Activation process from a computer that can connect.  Once at the Product Activation page, you need to fill in all of the requested information on the Activation page with the information displayed on your AR Pro Activation screen so that we may verify your request for an Activation Code.  Once verified, your Activation Code will be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address you provide during the Activation process.


To activate your program with the code you received via e-mail, it is best to copy and paste the long code from your e-mail message into the "Activation Code:" input on the activation screen.  This will help to prevent a mistake in typing in the code.  If you make a mistake, however, simply re-type in the code until the program accepts it.




 If you wind up going past the expiration of the activation code the program will revert to the fully functional Demo mode, which allows you 15 days to request a new activation code and get you reactivated for another year.

Activation codes expire every year.  You will need to reactivate your license (or, within a time period before the year is over, extend your license) at that time.