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Accident Reconstruction Professional 9

Rating: 4.69 4.69 (189)
AR Pro 9 will assist a trained Accident Reconstructionist to perform an Accident / Crash / Collision Reconstruction with the use of mathematical formulas and calculations (which include acceleration, bicycle, distance, drag factor, energy, momentum, motorcycle, pedestrian, speed, time, truck, and many other categories) for virtually any incident involving motor vehicles and bicycles, pedestrians, etc. We invite you to take a good look as we're sure it will fill your formula / calculation software needs. You will soon discover that this software is SO EASY TO USE that there is no need to pay for expensive travel, lodging, and tedious training courses so you can learn how to use AR Pro 9. It's THAT easy!

Accident Reconstruction Pro 9

Recall 9

Rating: 4.62 4.62 (84)
Recall 9 is a software program just about anyone can use. Just imagine... the entire NHTSA Recall database for cars, trucks, motorcycles, tires, helmets, trailers, big trucks, school buses, motor homes, coaches... you name it! All at your fingertips any time you need it, day or night. This is a MUST HAVE program for anyone involved in Accident / Crash / Collision Reconstruction and investigation!

Recall 9

Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 9

Rating: 4.62 4.62 (66)
TSB 9 is yet another software program just about anyone can use. This software contains the entire NHTSA Technical Service Bulletin database at your fingertips any time you need it, day or night. This software is outstanding for pointing out and illustrating any known mechanical and/or safety trends and problems that may have contributed to the collision you are investigating.

Technical Service Bulletin 9

All of our software titles are designed to be extremely easy to use by those who are involved in the Reconstruction of Traffic / Automobile / Motor Vehicle / Vehicular Accident / Crash / Collisions, such as those in Law Enforcement, Police, as well as an Accident, Crash, or Collision Reconstruction Firm, Engineers and Engineering Firm, Lawyers and Law Offices, Insurance, Private Investigators, etc., and anyone else wanting to lookup Recall's and TSB's for any reason!

Dirigo Software

With more than 21 years in the AR software business and over 3,160 customers all over the globe placing orders for over 10,680 licenses of our "Made in the USA" software since April of 1994, Dirigo Software (formerly Maine Computer Group) has long been on the leading edge of Accident Reconstruction software. During this time we have been providing an entire suite of AR computer programs for the professional Reconstructionist.

And, as of January of 2014, we are extremely proud and honored to be the first in AR software history to release 64-bit AR programs for your 64-bit computer and Windows (there are definite advantages to running 64-bit software vs. 32-bit software on a 64-bit computer and Windows).

Whether you buy the individual programs, or bundle them in a money-saving SingleSaver suite, you will not be disappointed in their ease of use, how well and fast they run, and of course, their affordability!

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